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At the awarding ceremony of the Nobel Prize in Oenology to Hellis Montaigne, it was some André Huppert who appeared before the microphones and the disbelief of millions. His speech started and ended like this:

Majesties, ladies and gentlemen, wine world. First and foremost, I'd like to confess that it is a privilege to stand here in turn of my brother Hellis, a righteous man, methodical and very bright, who gave his life to causes as noble as the wine, against the astringency of the life he had.

Quite the opposite of me.We're twins, but the one thing I always hated about him was his extreme good sense, something that, ultimately, affects the best qualities of a wine and of a life. It was I, for example, who gave him the Old Vines idea, in the grace of the year of 1935. It was I who offered him his first manual of critical oenology, his first compendium of courage towards life, the first push for him to become, as he is today, infinite. So, without me, what would it be of him? Nothing, my friends. An angel, by himself, is incapable of neither the reality of a perfect wine nor of signing his own work. So it is I, André Huppert, literal vagabond, arsonist of the hours dead and boring, and not my brother Hellis, who receives this award. Oenology is also a demonic science. And I bring fire to thank you.




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O Oenólogo Encruzado

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O Oenólogo Vinhas Velhas

Awards and Mentions

92 Points, Wine Enthusiast

O Oenólogo Encruzado 2014

Silver, Sommelier Wine Awards 2020

O Oenólogo Encruzado 2018

Big Gold, Concurso Vinhos de Portugal 2018

O Oenólogo Encruzado 2016

Gold, Challenge International du Vin 2016

O Oenólogo Vinhas Velhas 2012

Gold, Concours Mondial Bruxelles 2014

O Oenólogo Vinhas Velhas 2010

Gold, Challenge International du Vin 2014

O Oenólogo Vinhas Velhas 2010

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