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Phenomenon of Nature

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It is said that one day a sculptor got his eyes stuck in a known phenomenon of nature: a peacock displayed its majestic mantle of feathers, just to draw attention of the female and satiate his prohibited desires. The show was so splendid, that two days later the artist had already carved a piece based on what he had seen. He gave it the name fan. In order to survive, he also gave it a simple use. And fans started reproducing throughout fashions, people, palaces, operas and seasons, as an essential adornment. But the world would always use the fan to expel heat, never to hold it within themselves. The world, except one woman: Teresa

Teresa had always been a shy and reserved girl, but at her 21st birthday she received a secret gift, a letter and a fan from an admirer, a nobleman who lived in Seville.

In the letter, he offered her the absolute, and in return only asked her to always sleep with the fan really close. At the moment that she held the fan for the first time, Teresa became an Empress. Every night she dreamed about strange peacocks satiating their prohibited desires.






Abanico Reserva Tinto

Abanico Reserva Tinto

Abanico Reserva Branco

Abanico Reserva Branco

Awards and Mentions

89 Points, Wine Advocate

Abanico Reserva Branco 2017

Gold, Concours Mondial Bruxelles 2020

Abanico Reserva Tinto 2016

89 Points, Wine Enthusiast

Abanico Reserva Branco 2018

Gold, Sommelier Wine Awards 2020

Abanico Reserva Branco 2018

Gold, Concours Mondial Bruxelles 2019

Abanico Reserva Tinto 2015

92 Points (Editor's Choice), Wine Enthusiast 2014

Abanico Reserva Tinto 2012

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